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Brief History

  • ’97: Graduated high school a year early.

  • ’97-00: Worked a few jobs.

  • ’00-09: Married a guy, lived in Louisiana (actually, lived in Louisiana since ‘80-something), went to college, started a few businesses (mainly real estate and website design), got a professional writing gig.

  • ’09-13: Left the guy (he’s still cool, though), stayed in Louisiana, built websites, wrote articles, started Rock Your Genius, fostered four kids (not at the same time).

  • ’13: Became a flight attendant for the second time (forgot to mention that). Moved to Chicago. Started Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet (yes). :) Started writing professionally again (quit for a few years—forgot to mention that, too).

  • ’14: Met a guy.

  • ’16/17: Moved to Indiana. Got a dog.

  • ‘18: Started BibliOBSESSED.

  • ’19: Married the guy.

  • Present Day: Launch strategist, nerd creative, chicken shit, reader, writer.

About Me (extended version)

My main focus is on meaningful relationships and meaningful work.

The relationships part is tricky. I’m learning (and accepting, slowly) that it takes two (willing) people to make a relationship work and make it meaningful. (I’ve written about that here and here and here.)

The meaningful work part (although also tricky) I can somewhat control more easily. I love making things—essays and articles, books, websites, podcasts, businesses. That’ll probably never stop, so retirement isn’t a word in my vocabulary (I don’t even think about it). I’m not one to dream of going to far off places or having fancy things (in fact, I prefer to have fewer things so that I have more time to create—that’s what I like to do). Fortunately, I married another maker, so we spend our days imagining, inventing, tinkering, and building—that worked out. We keep converting parts of our house into maker spaces (we’re going to run out of rooms).

I love learning, and although my time as a flight attendant cured me of the travel bug (I prefer to be home and hate airports), I’d still love to spend extended periods of time in a variety of different places (Vermont, Montana, Alaska, Virginia, Hawaii—and that’s just the US! We could also live in Ireland and Scotland and Italy and … I should get back to writing this about page).

I don’t really do social media. That, too—I’d rather make stuff than consume. Except books. And podcasts. I love a good podcast. I listen to them in all of my “filler” minutes (showering, getting ready, cooking, eating, letting the dog out, doing laundry, etc.). I’ve run a few podcasts over the years and consider doing another. They’re a lot of work, but they’re the perfect invitation and excuse to talk to lots of interesting folks. (Maybe I’ll do that—hmm. More stuff to make.)

I love funny people and friendly people (kind people—good hearts, deep souls, old souls). If that’s you, we should be friends. Say hi sometime. (Or read my Superman story here to see if we should collaborate.)