I’m Amber.

Krowiarz (“krow arz”).

Married to Joe.

Mom to Koa and Gus.

We all live together in a little house in Indiana near Chicago (although I'm originally from Louisiana).

I’ve done a lot of things in my few decades on this planet: worked at a flower shop (best job ever), worked at a daycare (most stressful job ever), worked at a finance company (most boring job ever), went to college to see what they know (biology and computer science; hashtag nerd), became a real estate agent and broker, then a website designer and a writer and a solopreneur, was a foster parent to four kids (not at the same time), did two stints as a flight attendant, and helped with hurricane rebuilding work.

Definitely. I’ve done a lot of things. And, at one time, I liked it that way. These days, I’m trying to prioritize*.

(*Did you know priority originally meant one thing? I read that somewhere once. Who knew.)

Now, I’m mostly reading and writing. And herding dogs and cats.

So that’s what’s up (the short version at least—keep reading if you want to know more).


  • ’97: Graduated high school.
  • ’97-00: Worked a few jobs.
  • ’00-09: Married a guy, lived in Louisiana (actually, lived in Louisiana since ‘80-something), went to college, started a few businesses (mainly real estate and website design), got a professional writing gig.
  • ’09-13: Left the guy (he’s still cool, though), stayed in Louisiana, built websites, wrote articles, started launching things for other people (at a little company called Rock Your Genius), launched Maison d’Evangeline, fostered four kids (not at the same time).
  • ’13: Became a flight attendant for the second time (forgot to mention that). Moved to Chicago. Started writing professionally again (quit for a few years—forgot to mention that, too).
  • ’14: Met a guy.
  • ’16-22: Moved to Indiana. Got a dog. Married the guy. Worked as a launch strategist, nerd creative, and mentor most days (writer and wobbly guide other days). Got sick with some fun combo of autoimmune stuff, which made me slow down and reevaluate.
  • ‘23: Got another dog. Started Bougie Pet Pawtography as a side gig with the photographer husband, Joe.
  • Present day: I’m mostly-retired at the launch strategy thing (at least for other people), but I'll always be a web worker and nerd creative (maybe a mentor, too). Still, most days I try to spend reading and writing for Maison d'Evangeline, as well as herding dogs and cats at Bougie Pet Pawtography.


My main focus is on meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

The relationships part is tricky. I’ve figured out that it takes two willing (and working) people to keep a relationship going and make it meaningful.

The meaningful work part (although also tricky) I can more easily influence.

I love making things—essays, articles, books, courses, audio. I’m not one to dream of going to far off places or having fancy things (in fact, I prefer to have fewer things so that I have more time to create—that’s what I like to do). Fortunately, I married another maker, so we spend a lot of our days imagining, inventing, tinkering, and building (that worked out). We keep converting parts of our house into maker spaces (we’re going to run out of rooms).

I love learning, and although my time as a flight attendant cured me of the travel bug (I prefer to be home and hate airports), I’d still love to spend extended periods of time in a variety of places (Vermont, Alaska, Virginia, Hawaii—and that’s just the US! We could also live in Ireland, Scotland, Italy … I should finish this about page).

I don’t really do social media. That, too—I’d rather make stuff than consume. Except books. And podcasts (I love a good podcast).

I love funny people and friendly people (kind people—good hearts, deep souls, old souls). If that’s you, we should be friends. Say hi sometime (sayhi [at] amberkrowiarz [dot] com).

Otherwise, I’ll just be hanging out, reading and writing, herding animals of some sort, and seeing what Joe, Koa, and Gus are up to. Two burners. Meaningful work and meaningful relationships. At least as much as possible.

Last update: 11.25.2023

Inspired by Derek Sivers and his now page.

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