Here's what's happening right now (last update: 07.15.19).


Here's what has my attention, to the exclusion of everything else (two burners).

  • Meaningful relationships

  • Meaningful work (see projects below)


Here's what I'm working on.

  • Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet (yes) :) — a peer-to-peer accountability program (and resource) for fearful folks who want to do big stuff

  • BibliOBSESSED — a member-based newsletter for folks who wish they had time to read more stuff to help them grow in life and business

Eventually, I hope to be working on “the farm” as well. More to come on that (eventually).


Other facts about the current situation.

  • I read every spare second (see item #2 above), and the books that have my attention right now mostly have to do with business (always) and marketing, as well as soul-keeping and consciousness (I’m all over the place). I’m also very apt to be reading about personality theory at any point. (INFJ, Meyers-Briggs. Type Four, Enneagram. My weirdness goes beyond what I originally thought, soooo very beyond.) For fiction, I’m reading Sophie’s World at the moment.

  • I've been entertaining the idea of getting back into foster care work. Deliberating.

  • I used to be a flight attendant, but quit a couple of years ago. It was time to have roots over wings.

  • I’m back to business now. (I’ve been a solopreneur for sixteen years; that’s crazy!) I’ve worked at all kinds of things over the near-two decades. I was a real estate agent and broker. A web designer. A writer for WebWorkerDaily (back in its day) and GigaOM. Solopreneurship and writing are my main focus now, although I also help with hurricane work for my dad when there’s cleanup and recovery to be done. So, the project I’m working on depends on the day!


Here's how I may be able to help you.

Email me if you’d like to talk about the first one.


If you have or know of someone who has any of the following, I'd love to hear from you!

  • I'm curious about other INFJs, so if you are one or know one, shoot me an email.

  • If you know someone who wants to do something (big plans, goals, dreams), but needs help getting and staying on track, let them know about CSCTP.

  • I’m also always looking for wanna-be readers.

And if you'd just like to say hi, that's okay, too.